Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An introduction

So this is my second attempt at online journaling.  I used to do LiveJournal but quit that a few years ago, when I was an undergraduate engineering student.  And here I am now, a 3rd year medical student, who is looking for a constructive way to kill some time.

I'll spend a few sentences on why there is a long hiatus in online journaling.  Firstly, I got lazy.  I don't need to further elaborate.  The rest of the reasons are far more interesting.  My writing was too personal and uncensored.  No... it was NOT explicit.  I used it for personal ranting.  When I got mad about something, it got posted no matter how irrational and occasionally nonfactual it was.  Some might call this purpose for journaling therapeutic, but I neglected something important.  My material was readily available on the internet for anyone to read, including the people occasionally mentioned (never by name, of course) in my journal.  That got me in trouble and prompted me to stop writing on the internet.
But now I'm back.  Will I still write about things that tick me off?  Sure.  I'm angry frequently.  I understand now, however, that blogging and journaling are not synonymous.   Journals are for viewing by the author only.  Blogs, on the other hand, convey personal information, but are more like submissions for the editorial section of a newspaper.  This is also a good place to chronicle some of the absolutely amazing things I am seeing this year as a medical student.  I'll try my best to make it interesting and funny.

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Bradley Farnsworth said...

Entertain me, Mr. Journalistic Integrity!! :)